viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

‘Bottle Rocket’ To Get The Criterion DVD Treatment At Last

More Wes Anderson goodness for you today, my fellow Max Fischer fanatics. Yesterday I filled you in Anderson’s plans for “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.” Today I’ll make your day if you’re a fan of old school Wes, as in the adventures of Dignan, Anthony, and Mr. Henry.
For years, Anderson fans have grumbled about the crappy treatment his first film has received on DVD. The bare bones presentation of “Bottle Rocket” has been all the more galling considering the loving care his subsequent films have gotted as part of the Criterion Collection.
Well, grumble no more. Wes told me, “We’ve just begun work with the Criterion Collection to do ‘Bottle Rocket’ on a new DVD that’s going to have all kinds of stuff. There’s a lot of ‘Bottle Rocket’ that was on the cutting room floor, so we have a lot to work with on that one.”
The cutting room floor, you say? What has Wes been keeping to himself all these years? Are you pre-ordering your “Bottle Rocket” DVD right now? How do you think it stacks up in the Anderson oeuvre?

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